Dean Constantine N. Meriano

                                                     by John J. Merianos, Ph.D.

•   Born on Nov 22, 1900 Krokeai Sparta Greece.

•   Attended public school and work as a clerk in a Pharmacy in Sparta

•  1918 purchased a Pharmacy in Krokeai and sold it to immigrate to USA

•  1920 Arrived in Boston to join his father Nicholas A. Merianos

•  1921 Registered Pharmacist in Mass

    240 Huntington Ave Boston, Mass corner Mass Ave

•  1940 the name change to THE BOSTON SCHOOL OF PHARMACY and it was     incorporated as a non-profit, educational institution.

•  1940 -1943 Attend Harvard University majoring in History and Government and     received an Adjunct of Arts Degree.

•  1943-1946 Attended Boston University majoring in History and Government and     received a Master of Arts Degree.

•  1941 a 4 year course was initiated at the Boston School of Pharmacy

•  1943 The Legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Authorized the     Trustees of the BOSTON SCHOOL OF PHARMACY to grant Degree of Bachelor of     Science in Pharmacy.

•  1946 The board of registration in Pharmacy and the Commissioner of Education of      the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Approved BOSTON SCHOOL OF     PHARMACY

•  1948 The Degree of Bachelor of science approved by the Board of Collegiate     Authority.

•  On January 25, 1949 the Board of Collegiate Authority approved the change of the     name of The Boston School of Pharmacy to NEW ENGLAND COLLEGE OF     PHARMACY.

•  On January 28, 1949 the Trustees of Boston University and the Trustees of the NEW     ENGLAND COLLEGE OF PHARMACY signed the purchase of the buildings,     including the chapel and gymnasium, located at 70-72 Mount Vernon Street Boston,     formerly the School of Theology of Boston University.

•  1952 the New England College of Pharmacy was accredited by the American     Council of Pharmaceutical Education and became a member of the American     Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.

•  1956 Dean Meriano received a Honorary Degree Doctor of Science from New     England College of Pharmacy. (NECP ).

•  1957 Dean Meriano retired as dean due to declining health and Dr. LeRoy C.     Keagle was appointed Dean and President

•  1958 New England College of Pharmacy received class "A" accreditation

•  1960 the Pharmacy education was expanded to 5 year BS Degree program and the     auditorium was dedicated in his honor the Dean Meriano Auditorium.


•   Dean Meriano died home March 22,1966 in Belmont, Mass.

Announcement about his retirement

Krokeai Society Album - 1951 pg 63

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