September 21, 2005

Dear Krokeai Society,


I would like to thank you very much for your most generous scholarship. I appreciate it very much, and I'm honored that I was chosen to be the recipient of this award. I plan to use the money to help pay for my tuition and books. This fall I will be entering my sophomore year at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I am currently studying Communications, and I'm considering adding a minor in English. UMASS has a great Communications and English department, so my scholarship will be put to good use.
    After attending the 2003 Krokeai Society reunion, I have a good
understanding of what this society stands for. It is more than evident that
the society prides itself in family and heritage. Everyone has a great respect
for their elders and a real understanding for where their family has come
from, and what they have been through. My father, Bill Anagnostakos, has also given me a greater understanding about where my family has come from in Greece. I hope to be able to visit his hometown someday.
Being acknowledged by such a great society has made me feel very honored and proud. I will use this scholarship to the best of my ability in school, keeping in mind the virtues and values that the Krokeai Society has instilled upon me over the past few years.
    Thank you very much again for the scholarship and I hope to speak with you in the near future and tell you of my progress at UMASS.


    George Anagnostakos
    W.Yarmouth , MA  USA

Krokeai Society
Σύλλογος Κροκεατών
Krokeai, Levetsovα ,Krokees
Κροκεαί / Λεβέτσοβα / Κροκεές
Nikiforos Vrettakos
Νικηφόρος Βρεττάκος