George Alex - Γιώργος Αλεξάκης

Spero and Cleo Alex, both from Krokeai, Greece, were married in 1920 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and moved to Johnstown, Pennsylvania. They had four children: Eva, Manuel, Rosie and George. Spero died at the age of 38, and Cleo decided to go back to Krokeai with her children. In 1939, the oldest son, Manuel (Menelaos) Alex, returned from Krokeai to Johnstown on the last ship to sail from Piraeus just before the outbreak of WWII. The rest of the family was not able to join him until after the end of the war.Manuel came to Dayton the same year (1939) to stay with his uncle Peter Stamas (brother of his mother) and aunt Mary Stamas. During WWII he served with the U.S. Air Corps. After the war he worked at Everybody’s Office Outfitters, Inc. as a salesperson, and was responsible for the Fountain Pen repairs. In 1951 he bought the Colonial Jewelry store from John P. Theros; the name of the store was changed to “Colonial Jewelry Watch and Pen Shop.” In 1959 he moved from Ludlow Street to 136 South Main Street next to the Victoria Theater, and expanded the business by acquiring the Products Company and Novelties store in Miamisburg and renaming it the Colonial Products Co., with logo "Tomorrow's Ideas Today." He employed 7-8 people at both stores. Manuel was president of the Parish Council, a member of AHEPA and very much involved with the Greek community. George Alex, his younger brother, came to Dayton in 1946 and worked at various jobs, including the Blue Bird Baking Co. During the Korean war he joined the U.S. Army. While stationed in Wisconsin he was injured and discharged. After that he attended the Gruen school in Cincinnati and learned how engraving and to repair jewelry and watches. He worked for Manuel repairing and selling jewelry. In 1959 George went to Greece and married Helen Panteleaki from Sparta. In 1969, Manuel died at the age of 44. His wife Maxine, with four children, couldn’t maintain the stores. Colonial Jewelry was sold in 1973 to the Weber Company, while George bought Colonial Products Co. and kept this business until his retirement. George and his good friend, Mike Liakakos, organized the Senior Citizens Group of the Greek community and were active with AHEPA. George died Dec. 12, 1990.

                              George Alex, Jeweler, Working in His Shop


Manuel Alex - Μενέλαος Αλεξάκης